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CWM Video Workshop - [USB Drive Format]

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- video is closed captioned for the hearing impaired - 

We offer this version for those few individuals who who do not have sufficient internet connectivity or memory to use the Digital Download Version. When you order this version, your professionally packaged, USB Flash Drive will be sent automatically to the shipping address you listed at purchase. There is no download from the USB drive. It must be plugged in to watch the content on your computer. If you want to view this on your tablet or other device you will likely need an adapter and/or special application. Please make sure you understand the adapters, applications, or other requirements if you want to watch on a device other than your computer. 

Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell take their highly respected teaching practice beyond the classroom with this 29-part High-Definition (HD) video that packs in all the demonstrations, techniques, and topics they present in the 5-day workshops they teach around the world.  Over a year in the making, it was filmed and edited by a professional team of videographers and is nearly 7 hours long!

Through this companion to their acclaimed book, Cold Wax Medium: Techniques, Concepts & Conversations, new artists as well as experienced professionals will learn and be inspired by Rebecca and Jerry's knowledge on everything from setting up your art studio, tools and supplies needed, to learning the techniques of building your foundation layers, creating texture, transfer techniques, mark-making, masking, stenciling, reductive techniques such as scraping and solvent reductions, combining chalks and pan pastels with cold wax medium, to demonstrations of mounting your finished art pieces for display or sale.

In addition to the practical and technical content, Rebecca and Jerry discuss the elements of art and approaches to abstraction. There are sequences of paintings in progress, plus other tips and information.

Video Topics include:

  1. Introduction to the Video

  2. Getting Started: Intro to Cold Wax Medium

  3. Tools & Supplies

  4. Materials

  5. Appropriate Painting Surfaces

  6. Studio Safety

  7. Studio Set-up and Cleanup

  8. Alla Prima: Working Wet-In-Wet

  9. Techniques: Foundation Layers

  10. Techniques: Drying Time

  11. Techniques: Creating Texture

  12. Techniques: Stages of Dryness

  13. Techniques: Building Layers

  14. Techniques: Contrast

  15. Techniques: The Toolbox

  16. Techniques: Veil of Color and Brayer Techniques

  17. Techniques: Mark-making

  18. Techniques: Creating Shapes and Dividing Space

  19. Techniques: Mechanical and Solvent Reductions

  20. Techniques: Compression and Blotting

  21. Techniques: Dry Pigments, Particulates, and Pours

  22. Techniques: Techniques for a Dry Surface

  23. Mounting Paper to a Cradled Panel

  24. Prepping your Panels for Hanging

  25. Frequently Asked Questions

  26. Beyond Techniques: Using the Elements of Art for Strong Painting

  27. Beyond Techniques: Approaches to Abstraction

  28. Rebecca Crowell - A Painting from Beginning to End

  29. Jerry McLaughlin - A Painting from Beginning to End

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