Customers from Canada, Australia, Ireland, and UK:

We are excited to now offer significantly discounted shipping to customers in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, and 36 other countries:

0-1lb     $12.95
1-2lb     $19.95
2-3lb     $26.95
3-4lb     $33.95
4-5lb     $40.95  (over 5lb please contact us to arrange shipping)


Unfortunately, we no longer have a physical retail outlet in Canada.


We were notified that many of our Canadian customers are being asked to pay additional tax/tariff to receive their products when they order directly from the US via our store. We were previously unaware of this, and it may change with the political/governmental issues that evolve. However, we wanted to let our Canadian customers know. Obviously, we would prefer our customers not have to pay this additional charge, but as you are certainly aware, it is beyond our control. If you have concerns about this charge, we suggest you contact the Canadian Border Services Agency or other appropriate branch of the Canadian government for more information.  



Our book and tools are now available in Australia directly from our exclusive Australian distributor, Waxy Art Supplies.



For our book, you can also order from Jackson's Art Supplies. Click HERE. We are in negotiations for them to carry our exclusive line of brayers and squeegees as well. We'll keep you updated.