Most brayers are too firm - and most artists do not realize it. It's why they struggle to get those subtle effects in their paintings. 

Our custom-made brayers are not available anywhere else and are a result of testing over a dozen models. We love them because the non-latex roller is just the right softness for creating beautiful surface effects with cold wax and water-based media. They have become our 'go to' brayers. 

Our professional brayers feature a sturdy handle that doubles as a stand. Inverting the brayer keeps the roller from touching surfaces until you are ready to use it and protects the soft, responsive surface during storage. 


Unlike some other brayers, our roller has a metal axle and is mounted in a metal frame. This keeps the brayer rolling smoothly and makes cleanup easy. 

We know you will love our exclusive line of soft brayers. They come in 2- , 4- ,  6- , and 8-inch sizes. 





 'They work beautifully - smooth, even application - and, bonus, they clean up really well. I have two other 4-inch brayers but the SP CREATE brayers are definitely superior.'          - Ceci L

'I was happy with my Inovart brayer until I used yours. Your roller has more surface area which moves more freely, is softer and the handle is longer and more comfortable. This one is perfect!'     - Helen Y