It's hard to learn techniques and artistic concepts solely from a book, and finding the time for travel and a workshop is challenging. But what if you could watch that COLD WAX WORKSHOP in your own home or studio? Whenever and as often as you like?




- the video is closed-captioned for the hearing impaired -  


Jerry McLaughlin and Rebecca Crowell take their highly respected teaching practice beyond the classroom with this 29-part High-Definition (HD) video that packs in all the demonstrations, techniques, and topics they present in the 5-day workshops they teach around the world.  Over a year in the making, it was filmed and edited by a professional team of videographers and is over 5 hours long!

We are currently doing pre-sales of our high-definition (HD) cold wax video workshop. We expect the video to be released in mid- to late- February. 


COLD WAX MEDIUM: A Video Workshop with Rebecca Crowell & Jerry McLaughlin is available in two formats:


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: This version is for most people. When you pre-order this version you will receive a confirmation email after your purchase. When our HD video is released, you will receive an email notification that the video files are available. You will visit the link and, just like for any movie or video your might purchase, you download the files to your computer or device. You can then view at your convenience. Please note: Because of the length of the video (over 5h) and because they are HD Quality, the file sizes are large. You will need high-speed internet and at least 12GB of free memory on your device. 

USB FLASH DRIVE: This version is for those who prefer a hard copy of our HD video or who do not have sufficient internet connectivity or memory to use the Digital Download Version. When you pre-order this version, you will receive a confirmation email after your purchase. When the video is released, your professionally packaged, 16GB USB Flash Drive will be sent automatically to the shipping address you listed at purchase. There is no download. Simply plug the drive into your computer, TV, or device, and watch the content.